Tuesday, November 8, 2011


Roughly a year ago I wrote this:

"Recently, I went to the doctor for my yearly exam. It was the first time I’d gone in three years! Crazy how time flies…As I was speaking with the doctor, our conversation went something like this:

Dr.: Do you take a calcium supplement?

Me: No

Dr.: Do you take a multi-vitamin including vitamin D?

Me: Um…no.

Dr.: How often weekly do you exercise for at least 30 minutes?

Me: Maybe one. (By this point I wanted to crawl under the chair)

Dr.: Do you have any concerns?

Me: No, not really.

Dr: Well, I’m glad that you came in today. It’s important that, even as busy moms, we take time to for ourselves.

Her comments resonated with me. I need to make my health a priority – that includes exercising, eating right, taking vitamins, and going for regular checkups! I need to for me, and I need to be an example for my family."

Even after that appointment, I still wasn't ready to make changes in my life. It took me a few months of processing this experience before I was ready to stop making excuses and start making changes.

I bring this up, because yesterday I had my yearly physical. As any girl can attest, it's not something that one looks forward too. Although I wasn't thrilled about the "personal" part of the appointment, I was elated to see my doctor. To show her that I have changed. To prove that I have made my health a priority.

Yesterday our converstation started like this:

Doctor: Well, hello skinny.

Me: I am working on it!

D: You are looking good. How have you been?

Me: Good. Things are well. I am ready to answer all of your questions and I won't feel like such a heal this time. :-)

D: Oh, I can tell that you have made changes. I know that the past couple of years were tough with your job and small children. We all have times when our in our life when health isn't really the focus. I am glad that things have turned around for you.

This choice, to be healthy, isn't easy. But being overweigh wasn't either. Today, I am thankful for the changes I have made and I look forward to more success and struggles as I continue. I am already looking forward to next year - maybe I'll be able to tell my doctor I completed a marathon (or atleast a 1/2 marathon...)!

Have you had a time in the last year where you wanted some redemption regarding your health? What did you do to get it?

Monday, November 7, 2011


I joined a challenge last week that will last through the holidays. Mary, at Fit this, Girl, is heading up the effort - The Reverse Resolution Challenge. I heard Mary speak last August at a PFG One Step, One Breath event and she was real, honest, and encouraging.

My journey has been flat lately, so this opportunity seemed like something that would be beneficial to me. I am hoping that by having Mary for accountability, this will get me back on track. Mary asked the participants to send her two goals (that follow SMART criteria) that we'll be working on during the challenge.

Here are my goals:

Goal one: better fuel my body by returning to tracking all my food and making sure that it includes 4 vegetables and 2 fruits daily.

Goal two: prepare for a half marathon in the spring by increasing my activities to five days a week - three runs a week (two short, one long) and two other activities (body step, body pump, or weights at the YMCA or workout DVD at home).

Did you join Mary's reverse resolution challenge? What goals do you have to get through the holiday season successfully?

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Weigh-in Wednesday

This is what the scale read today...

Honestly, it's not my lowest weight - it's 2.2lbs up from my lowest, but it's been steady here for the past two weeks. I want the number to go down, my activity level to increase, and my food choices to more consistantly healthy.

Yesterday I signed up for Mary's (at Fit, this girl) reverse revolution challenge. I received my first email today about what the challenge consists of - it starts with making two SMART goals. I am busy pondering my goals (choosing only two that will be attainable) and will be posting them tomorrow...

What goals to you have to get through the holiday season healthfully?

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Absense Makes the Heart Grow Fonder

I apologize for my unexpected blogging absense. I have no good reason - life just got busy.

July - spent the weeks soaking up time with my kids.
August - school started (as I teach in a year round program), and with a new reading cirruculum and a multiage class work never seems to end...
September - school, the kids' sports, and lesson proved to be an adjustment for everyone.
October - report cards and conferences at school, and finally the beginning of our fall break.

During the past 4 months, I struggled to fit it all in, and sadly blogging was the piece that had to temporarily be put aside. However, I count that as a #NSV...I chose to skip blogging, instead of skipping making healthy lifestyle choices.

I have been around the 155-158lb range for a few months now. Tuesday and Thursday nights are scheduled running nights with a friend. And, I continue to try and make healthy food choices (although some days are much easier than others).

To all my blogging friends - I apologize for the lack of comments and support. I have been following your journeys and appreciate reading your stories. I will get better at commenting. Promise!

I am ready to welcome November with open arms - new goals and renewed motivation...stay tuned.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011


So, after my exciting weekend last weekend, I have to admit that I am super nervous about this weekend.

Usually I am pumped for vacations, which for us, usually mean a road trip to visit family - at their houses. It's familiar.

However, this weekend will be different. On Friday our family will be heading up to a hotel/casino/resort for a family reunion. Honestly, the thought staying in a hotel and eating out for 4 days scares me. Alot! I have worked hard and don't want to go backwards. Even "healthy" choices at restaurants have way more sodium (and even calories) than something comparable from my kitchen. But, I don't want to be a downer either. This is the first time my kids will be at a hotel or have ever enjoyed a weekend like this.

How can I be successful this weekend? Help friends! What do you do to make the most out of your vacations without going backward?

How Do You Start a Weekend?

Usually, I don't start on the scale (Wednesday is my day), but this week was different. I have been teetering near the 30 lbs. lost mark for a few weeks. It has been taunting me. So, after a very careful week, I jumped on the scale Saturday morning. I was pumped to see 162.0. That, my friends, means that I have lost 30.2 lbs! Needless to say, it was a great start to my HEALTHY WEEKEND!